Modern living for people who want to live in Prague



flats sold


to Chodov by walk


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to the Jedenáctka pool

Project timetable

Start of the sale
april 2019
Start of the construction
april 2019
Completion of the rough structure
february 2020
Completion of the construction
december 2020
Moving in
january 2021


Modern living for people who want to live in Prague

A new block of flats called CHODOV 2018 contains 75 flats and is located in a beautiful, quiet place with a direct walking distance either to the metro station Roztyly or Chodov, and the distance to OC Chodov shopping centre is 1600 m, which is just 20 minutes of walk.
Right next to the entrance to the building, there is a request bus stop for number 115 and walk from Chodov metro station or to the station takes just 6 minutes.

It takes only 10 minutes and is 8 km long to Wenceslas Square

The journey by car to Wenceslas Square takes just 10 minutes and is 8 km long.
The project of CHODOV 2018 block of flats is a modern living for people who want to live in Prague.
The house will be situated on the land plot k.ú. Chodov, plot number 2332/32, at the beggining of the street Milínská, entry from the Klapalková street, near the bus station Blažimská.


The area around Chodov 2018 is perfect for sports like cycling or hiking, due to the abundance of parks and open spaces. Great for dogs as well!
Water makes the air around the stream clean, cool and natural. Even better when it’s only a 2 minute walk from your apartment!
Small lakes formed by a stream close to your apartment create a cool, vibrant and blooming atmosphere in the summer.
Beside the stream, are situated excellent places to relax or have a picnic on hot summer days.
Activities such as horse riding, tennis and fishing are all available nearby.
The Nature Park Hostivař-Záběhlice contains lakes, beaches and plenty of open spaces for sport, relaxation or inspiration.


North view from the 1st floor

North view from the 2nd floor


REGARD  s.r.o.


David Kraus, Architektura, s.r.o.

Construction company