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Select the expected financing method and payment schedule; more detailed information about the purchase can be found in the section Financing

1. Reservation Agreement

Please, arrange personal meeting with our salesperson. The salesperson will explain the conditions of the flat purchase right at the point of sale and you can then conclude the Reservation Agreement.
Familiarize yourself with the text of the
Reservation Agreement.
We are ready to send the Reservation Agreement to your e-mail. The reservation fee is 50,000 CZK incl. VAT and will be paid within 3 days of signing the Reservation Agreement.

2. Agreement on the Future Contract

Here you can get acquainted with the contents of the Agreement on the Future Contract based on the selected financing and payment schedule:

Option #1 – Advantageous purchase through a mortgage
Option #2 – Considerable discount on the price of the apartment when paying 20% plus 80%
Option #3 – The maximum possible payment offset without discount from the list price

Under the terms and conditions set out in the Reservation Agreement, you will be invited to sign the Agreement on the Future Contract.
Based on your selected financing method and payment schedule, you will be informed in advance about the expected payments.

3.Final Approval

Expected date – january 2021.

4.Acquisition of the flat and Purchase Contract

Expected date – winter 2021.
Signing of the Purchase Contract after the final cadastre approval.

5. Entry in the Cadastre of Real Estate

The Purchase Contract will be registered in the Cadastre of Real Estate after the expiration of the 20-day protection period from the filing of the entry.

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